We offer law firm SEO for attorneys that are looking for strong local rankings in the top three positions. When it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) we start with the baseline report(the report before we do the SEO) to properly measure our efforts and work and find the best keywords for your needs. Then we will work on the onsite optimization of your website page by page, adding codes, writing or correcting meta titles and descriptions, doing SEO copywriting, internal and external linking, making sure your site shows up for rich snippets, site indexing, setting up Analytics, Search Console, doing the Schema coding, and optimizing your website speed. If all this was previously done correctly, we would work on the off-site SEO process. We do technical SEO, onsite SEO, and offsite SEO. We also do SEO migration projects during revamps or rebranding.


Depending on the niche, the competition for Attorney SEO can be great. This means it would require more backlinks and of course perfect onsite SEO and perfect NAPS (Name Address Phone Numbers) to properly rank a website. Of course there are other factors involved that we cannot reveal but this would mean that your budget for your campaign would be higher if you are in a higher competition niche. A lower competition niche law firm on the other hand will have to spend less on their SEO marketing because there are less backlinks to create and less competition to go against. So budgets for attorneys are not created equal, and they shouldn’t be, because competition increases the need for more Search Engine Optimization work.


As mentioned above, SEO in itself needs to be done properly or it will not work. We have been doing SEO; ranking companies on high competition keywords for ½ the cost many other local marketing firms charge. How we do this is by measuring the competition and seeing if your firm will need to spend the extra investment for the labor related to backlink costs. Not all Search Engine Optimization is created equal, and we provide monthly reports every time. If you want a fancy dashboard, we can do that as well. We do not over promise and under deliver like many companies do. We will do the best work we can for you and update you every step of the way.


Once your Search Engine Optimization is well established it can bring you a slew of organic leads, and help you build your email list to which you can then remarket to. There are many factors that bring organic traffic and one is videos. We do video creation and optimization and can provide both quality videography and photography to show the beauty of your brand. Did you know organic SEO has a conversion rate over 4%? A good conversion rate is between 2%- 5%. 


If you are a local attorney, it would be best to rank you in the local 3 pack of Google local places also known as Maps. That section on the Google search engine and Bing search engine field is prime real estate for getting noticed by your potential customers. However, if you are a well branded attorney and are aiming for nationwide customers, I recommend doing both local and national SEO. Local SEO targets a keyword + your city, or is geo-targeted to have your keyword show up in the local region. For example, “Orange County personal injury attorney” is a local SEO type keyword; or we can geo-target the keyword “best personal injury attorney” which can show up in the local region. National SEO on the other hand targets a keyword nationwide, and not just in the local region. Regional SEO targets keywords in the state region, for example: California personal injury attorney. Whatever the type of SEO your firm needs, we will do our very best for you to get you the results that bring you customers.