We offer law firm marketing for attorneys that are either starting out or need to boost their marketing. If you are an attorney that needs a reliable company that will build or rebuild your website, that offers turn-key service and maintenance, and provides quality customer service and results, we are here. We provide seo for attorneys, social media management for lawyers, and google and bing adwords for attorneys as well. If you need other services such as TikTok ads or email marketing, we offer this as an add on to our current offers. You will not need either until you establish certain areas of your business first. 


Attorneys tend to be very busy either in court or out, so we handle your law firm’s marketing for you from start to finish updating you every step of the way via text. Attorney marketing strategies can be varied depending on how established your firm is. For attorneys with large budgets, we recommend Google Adwords and Bing Adwords to get leads fast, and Local SEO (local Search Engine Optimization). If you are a busy attorney and just need to work on your brand, we recommend social media management which we do turnkey with custom posts and hands on customer service. We boost all posts organically without any extra ad spend and put you on the forefront of your target market.


Law firm marketing is more digital now. Although networking organizations and referrals help, the bulk of your clients will come from digital marketing and lead generation. It is important to know where to spend your money if you have a low budget and likewise where to invest if you have a larger budget. For law firms with a smaller budget, networking both in online and offline groups as well as social media will be helpful. For law firms with larger budgets, investing in ads for lead generation, offering valuable information in blogs with call to action and lead forms, SEO and social media across the most important platforms would be beneficial.


If you are looking for marketing for your law firm and would like a great company with reasonable quotes and excellent customer service to bring you more leads, contact us today. We may be a boutique firm but we are also not the new kid on the block. We do understand what it takes to be successful and we will help you achieve your goals. Whether you are a startup law firm or an established one, we offer flexible payment options, custom websites that fit your brand and convert, and we offer turnkey service. As you are working with your clients, we will be working on your campaign and giving you updates. Should you need to reach us, just text us. Then we will text you back and if a call is necessary, we will schedule a call with you.

If you need references we have this too.