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Amazon Store Setup

If you are looking for a turnkey Amazon store setup service, we are here for you. We are Amazon store setup, and ads specialists. We can help you set up your Amazon store from scratch and optimize it. Once the store is up we ask your final approval and we can then help you with the advertising. Needed a store yesterday? Want to sell products ASAP?

The Amazon Store Setup Process

If you want to know what we offer in our Amazon store setup process, please click here.

Our setup process is transparent from start to finish. Once we have had our initial consultation in brief where we tell you about our experience, assess your needs and get approval on our pricing, we will then fulfill these steps:

  • We will ask you for the necessary information such as high quality product images, descriptions of the product and pricing. 
  • Upon receiving your details we will set up your Amazon store by listing your products using the most effective keywords, excellent marketing copy and taglines. We will also list features that are very appealing to your potential customers.
  • After the product pages have been created, we will manage the shipment procedure for you via Amazon’s fulfillment centers.
  • Your preferred billing methods will then be arranged and set up, then approved and tested by you. We will make sure your payment systems and where you get paid are set up properly.
  • Once all steps have been fulfilled, we will get your final approval and have you comb you store pages thoroughly. Thereafter, once approved, we will go live with your store.
  • Once you are live, we will follow up with you to see how you would like to proceed with advertising to get more viewers eyeballs on your products

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We are around 50% more affordable than our competitors

Amazon Store Setup Consultations

We do your consultations online as this is most efficient. Simply write us an email with all of your questions, and we will get back to you. If you would like a zoom, google meet or FaceTime consultations, one a month is included. If there are any more that are necessary, it is billed hourly per your scope. All technical questions should be written in email form first before we have our meeting to make the meeting extra efficient. We will provide quick updates along the way via text or email or a quick call. By text and email we will mention our updates. Should you have any questions related to them, it is best to write to us. This way, it is just as efficient, yet cost effective for your business. Ready to get started?


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