Does SEO Still Work in 2017?

Many companies think that SEO is dead and opt for Pay-Per-Click. I love Pay-Per-Click personally, and think it’s a great way to generate leads when done well. But, not every company can afford it. Depending on the industry, PPC (Pay-Per-Click) pricing per keyword can run high. So, as the only resort, a company that cannot afford it may opt for SEO. However, given that SEO professionals spend hours on end building quality links and working onsite, consultants want to get paid for their time, and the companies begin to wonder what their Return on Investment would then be. They may ask, ‘Does SEO still work in 2017?’

Sasha Simon from Outreach Mama has generously contributed his content and infographic for us to demonstrate the value of SEO for a local business, and then you can answer the question whether SEO works in 2017 for yourselves. Have a look! 

Is It Even Possible to Get SEO to Pay Off?

Depending on who you listen to, some marketing experts will lead you to believe there’s no payoff with SEO any longer. They’ll tell you the game has changed too much and search engine optimization is too difficult to keep up with these days. Yet everyone uses search engines in one way or another, so it’s insane to believe SEO is completely useless at this point.

On the contrary, there may be a lot of noise out there in regards to SEO, but the confusion really makes it difficult for business owners to keep up with this trend. They read one positive article about search engine optimization, and in the next minute they’ll read something negative, and finally they’ll read a lukewarm, right down the middle article not really taking a strong position on the topic one way or another.

Does SEO Still Work in 2017?

It is possible to still make big gains from simple SEO strategies. It’s highly likely many of the naysayers lost rankings during recent algorithm updates. For all you know, these marketers could’ve been using black hat SEO tactics that are always bound to fail over the long term. If you implement tried-and-true white hat and evergreen SEO tactics, you could expect to achieve lasting results for the long haul.

Are you sick and tired of believing SEO has no payoff? Do you think it’s still a worthy practice for your business? Stick with us to read 14 reasons why SEO is still an awesome tactic worthy of your time and attention.

Here are 14 Reasons to Buy SEO:


So, if you are still wondering, ‘Does SEO still work in 2017?’ wonder no more, it does. In fact, many companies get free traffic from SEO every day both for their national and local business. You gotta ask yourselves, why aren’t I taking advantage of this, and act on it. SEO is a lot of quality linking and content marketing as well. With content marketing you want only the best, and Outreach Mama certainly is one of the best.

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