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Mobile App development has become increasingly popular as more people have tablets and smartphones. Here in Orange County, California, businesses are jumping on this trend and using mobile apps more because mobile apps provide businesses with lean efficiency in their day to day operation. We offer iPhone and Android apps that are custom made to simplify and expedite your tasks. Since technology is constantly changing, we make sure that we are up to date with the latest and best methods and operating systems available. Contact our Orange County office for a free consult on your mobile app for your business today!

Custom Mobile Applications
Simplify your business tasks with custom mobile applications

What Our Mobile App Developers Do

Our Mobile application developers are experts at software development and they can create an application which operates on PC hardware as well as your mobile hardware. The coding we do is at an optimum performance level so the custom mobile application can be utilized both on iPhone and Android devices. Because every application needs to be tested before submission to our client, our programmers design and test the code in a simulated mobile environment. Once the mobile app is perfect and payment is made in full, our mobile application development is deemed completed and we then submit the finished product to our valued client.

Mobile Application Types:

Mobile applications are developed in a vast range of programming languages and frameworks. These are some standard apps:

-Native Mobile Applications: Apps that are created on one platform either iPhone (iOS) or Android. Android uses Java and Eclipse operating systems while iOS systems use Objective-C and Xcode.

-Web Apps: Web Applications are basically mobile friendly websites that function like apps. The main difference is, really, it’s more like a compact website because it has no other functions that are different from what your website has. These types of apps are typically made in HTML5 Boilerplate, Bootstrap3, JavaScript and CSS.

-Hybrid Applications: Apps that are hybrid contain an area within its system that allows for web apps to be housed; and as a result the app itself can function like each native system allowing more usability.

We offer custom mobile app development that helps businesses make more money while saving time and increasing productivity using our apps. Our team of mobile app developers will exceed your expectations with well-built, efficient apps for your business.

Our Developers Create Useful Business Apps

Business apps can have various functions but they all have one thing in common, they help the business owner save time on lengthy tasks so they cold focus on growing their business by increasing their customers.

Types of Apps Functions for Your Business:

  1. Spreadsheets, Data analysis, functions
  2. Time and Expense tracking functions
  3. Communication and Portfolio purpose apps
  4. Image specific Inventory apps
  5. Payment functions
  6. Contract with Sign/printing/emailing functions

As you can see custom mobile application development takes many roles in the app world; but they all help businesses save on their time, and time is money.

For custom mobile apps made by expert mobile app developers, contact us today!



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