How to make money with affiliate marketing

How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

 What is Affiliate Marketing?

By Linda Jordan

Today I would like to discuss how to make money with affiliate marketing. There are two ways in which affiliate marketing can be used. One is a B2C approach, or Business to Customer approach, and the other is a B2B approach, or a Business to Business approach.

First we are going to discuss the B2B approach because it is often overlooked, and can be an amazing way for businesses to sell their services. If you are a business and you sell a product or service, you can have an affiliate link available for marketers that would like to sell your product or service for you. Upon researching a good partner for this, I found this affordable affiliate marketing company, of which I am an affiliate of; and I know of a CEO who uses this and has great success. A B2B approach can be used to promote non profits as well. Non profits can partner with a company that would promote them and vice versa in emails using a strategy that states, for example, “Every time you shop at Panda Wear, 25% gets donated to Catholic Charities.” Catholic Charities can send out an email that has a Panda Wear logo that says, “Shop at Panda Wear, to support our Charity!” Both companies sending out an occasional shout out during the holiday season can result in profit for both.

B2C is perfect for affiliate marketing

The B2C approach is perfect for anyone and everyone that wants to earn some commissions on the side selling a business’s product or service. There are many affiliate marketers that have become millionaires doing just this. Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money online by selling other people’s products/services. Affiliate marketing is also an incredible secret weapon that can be used by businesses to promote their offer. My first suggestion is to get a product with a high commission. If you are going to market the product, it might as well offer you a great commission. Also, choose products/services that are popular or that serve a need; a good way to do this is to do a keyword analysis on their topic and see how many monthly searches are made for those keywords. Of course, if you do not know how to perform a proper keyword analysis look up our Internet marketing services here.

Making Money with Affiliate Marketing

Making money with affiliate marketing is not rocket science. With some hours of research, and by studying other expert affiliate marketer’s tactics, we can come up with a methodology as to how to do this. To be an expert affiliate marketer, it will require hours of research and observation of other skilled affiliate marketer tactics- -that is exactly what I have done here. Coming from an expert SEO background practicing SEO for almost five years; having ranked sites on the front page of Google, here is my recommendation/short analysis to rock-star affiliate marketing success.

1.)    Add an appealing contact form or landing page to your blog – one that offers first time website visitors- a chance to get something for free by leaving their email and name- this list building technique is what will build your marketing funnel – so you can continue to keep in touch with prospects and send them information in the form of newsletters. – Usually a prospect buys either – the first time he/she sees the product- if it fits a need and that impulse to buy  — Or – – the 4th time after emailing them.

2.)    Monthly newsletter— you can simply incorporate a Word Press newsletter system to generate auto responders, or my recommendation is to use Benchmark; because I find the customer support and pricing to be impeccable. and you can get a free trial to test it out; and then become an affiliate like me. When you send out your emails, be sure to add a link to your latest blog post that gives your readers value and include an affiliate link.

3.)    Tweak site once a week – -just so search engines know you are alive, change a word or two- add a few sentences—thread keywords- add images with alt text-at the beginning/headlines e.t.c. With the “Caffeine” update that Google made, updating your site frequently is good for your online marketing as a whole.

4.)    Perform Free How to Videos with call-to-action – Yes, stick your affiliate link url right under the video, an make sure your video is a good 6 minutes plus chock full of wonderful information to enthrall your viewers. Your videos will need to be individually optimized with keywords and call to action- and then will need to be promoted to earn views. These days the video sites are saturated with your competition, so certain Web 3.0 SEO and Viral marketing tactics would have to be used.

5.)    Article marketing – place your website into niche articles – expand traffic and promote your product.

6.)    SEO –You will need SEO short for Search Engine Optimization per website because you need to drive traffic to your posts so your viewers can click on the links.

7.)    Paid Advertising– – I would do this last- Either use FB Clicks to generate traffic through an embedded list on FB- + Pay $5 per FB Ad- for a number of views- – Or- Use Google Adwords and promote your landing page with contact form – -so that you never miss a lead.  – Paid advertising is the more costly approach; however, very effective and immediate. Use a PPC Landing Page with keywords and contact form to gain the best ROI (Return on Investment) on your PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Plan.

-Enjoy the fruits of your labor-  Traffic is key in affiliate marketing and to bring traffic you will need to do some Search Engine Optimization for your site. SEO usually takes 3-6months depending on how well your back end ofront end and off-site are optimized. If great keywords are chosen, and people are actually looking for your product/service, the SEO will last the longest and bring the most leads and sales to you.

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How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing
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How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing
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