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How a Karmic Marketing Strategist Benefits Your Business

Whether I knew it or not, I have always been a Karmic Marketing Strategist involved in Karmic Marketing. I started marketing in 2010 and did it only to help businesses thrive. Simply because I was shafted by two marketing companies for a supplement business my husband ran at the time. These companies felt completely fine about taking my money, not fixing the problem within the scope of work and disappearing, and they made excuses trying to justify their actions and I thought, if they were marketers, I could be a marketer, and an honest one at that too.

Since then, I started marketing to help businesses. Sure, I was paid, but I was paid for my time which at the time was around minimum wage and I wasn’t paid much. But I was just starting out, and I built a portfolio of clients and some of those clients have stayed with me since then. And some dropped off since my pricing changed. That is ok, as the Universe brings people in our lives as we need them, and as they need us.

I am not the Founder of Karmic Marketing apparently, as I notice others have used it. But I have been inspired to use it and develop it fully. I will be running my business on the full notion of Karmic Marketing, and I am a Karmic Marketing Strategist.

What is a Karmic Marketing Strategist

A Karmic Marketing Strategist is one who takes the notion of Karma seriously. To give with blessing, is to receive with blessing. If there is a disruption in energy, for example if Marketing Results are not being met, for lack of budget, or refusal to follow a recommendation, or if the strategist or client has doubt, this relationship must either continue with a shift in the client’s thought process, or a shift in the marketing strategy, or both. OF course, there is also a possibility, if the energies are not synching, that the relationship end. Albeit the negative energies around us bringing us doubt, we must wave them away if we feel that the energy we are given is positive and that we can benefit and give from this. Karma goes both ways. Everything we do, good or bad will affect our spiritual progression and current Karma.

Karma with Clients

Karma comes good or bad, and it can happen with us as the Strategist, or on the client’s end. For example, if a Client pays for 6 designs per contract and agrees to pay more after that, and is still not pleased with the designs for whatever reasons; there is an energy disruption. The Strategist is then inclined to do one of the following: Provide more designs to satisfy the client which could be endless; or end that particular campaign. A Karmic Strategist always provides top quality; never substandard work and does their very best; but if the client’s energy levels are not in synch, those designs may not be accepted no matter how quality they are. To this end, there must be a shift. A discussion, and a meeting of minds to determine a solution that is acceptable for both. Communication is key in Karmic Marketing. One or the other should not feel like they were drained. This isn’t fair. This breaks positive vibration and causes resentment. When there is resentment, either that particular campaign and or the relationship must end for that time. It can continue later if both parties align energy flows and forgive, forget, move on, adapt and return to a productive path of understanding and love.

Karmic Marketing and the Energy of Chakras

Recently I went to a vegan dinner with a Guruji who spoke a lot about karma, dharma, and chakras. And thus my eyes were opened to the Chakra and high energy frequencies; further more I have come to understand that I am in fact in these high frequency states. I am willing to give, willing to receive and love people; and of course, this encompasses my clients. My clients are like family, and I treat them with respect and love. This is important in the whole concept of Karmic marketing. The Energy of Chakras, at high energy frequencies have the colors of: yellow, green, indigo, violet and some say pink or white.

What Karmic Marketing is

My concept of Karmic Marketing is to give and receive in blessing. It is important that we let the Divine Universe energy flow and provide us with love and understanding for one another. To this end my Karmic marketing strategy will follow this general concept:

  • To offer blessed energies in marketing to my clients
  • To provide great results from the start- or with a shift in campaign in accordance with my client’s needs and desires
  • To utilize my own marketing processes to enhance my client’s lead generation without asking for anything in return- but investing in them in blessing.
  • To feel love and positivity for my clients and fuel our meetings with love, understanding, and a great burst of enthusiasm while tapping into the Universe’s Divine guidance in the form of marketing ideas
  • To never disrupt the energy flow starting from the lead generation process to the end goal with all parties involved.
  • To let go – any clients that the Universe wants me to let go – it will happen, and it’s ok, we are all in each other’s lives for a reason.
  • To Bless my client’s business by performing well and in accordance with Universal love and laws.

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