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Hummingbird Google’s New Algorithm


What The! –Google Has a New Algorithm? Hummingbird?

By Linda Jordan

Google Hummingbird AlgorithmWe know that ever since Google rocked the SEO universe and turned it upside down with the Panda and the Penguin, there would be more changes to come. Well, you are right. On the evening of Google’s 15th birthday, it revealed a new search algorithm called Hummingbird. This algorithm is based on semantic search and focuses on the intent of the user rather than keywords. Actually, this was going on long before Google announced it- but they made it official recently.

Hummingbird makes clear a couple things- first that Google has really gotten better at finding and indexing search queries. Second, that it has also gotten better at connecting search queries to different documents all over the web.

Good white-hat SEOs will know this already and probably like us, have been implementing this naturally. It is important to understand though, that if your SEO is still dealing with old Google methods- it’s time to move on, and move up your SEO with orange county SEO specialists!

SEO is no longer quick. It is time consuming and customers will soon understand that cheap doesn’t necessarily mean Good. Also, hiring an in-house SEO or a student to do the job would not be wise—it could mean instant doom of your online presence. Of course, a Great SEO company knows how to maximize your SEO so that you are getting excellent quality SEO for good pricing where you see your rankings go up steadily via your reports. Getting a professional Orange County SEO expert can be a process- you could hire someone with 20 years of experience and still get horrible results. The best way to hire an SEO company is to see what they offer in their packages, and see their results. Our packages are tailored to helping our customers succeed.

SEO’s focus is on viral content sharing, Social media channels, traffic, consistent blogging, and other fun ways of doing it. Hummingbird is Google’s way of making poor SEO and less important sites be pushed back.

Good SEO that is undeterred by Hummingbird and other algorithms will keep your website moving up the rankings month after month and will have the ability to spread your content around so others take notice, and call you to purchase your products or services.

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