How to Run Your Business During this Pandemic

It is nearing April 2020 and many businesses are wondering what to do in order to run their business through this pandemic.If you are wondering how to run your business during this pandemic, you have come to the right place so read along.  As a business owner myself, I understand the pain. We have office rent due, mortgage payments for our home, family to feed…This pandemic is something we didn’t expect. It was a punch from the universe that had left many of us dizzy and confused for the first two weeks, and now quarantined for the rest. How to survive this? many of you I am sure are asking yourself this very question. But in the midst of this craziness, I have a solution for you. Not only will your business survive, but it can also potentially thrive.

Now it is week three and finally, there are articles being written about how businesses can cope through this pandemic. I will share links to the government-related articles while first, I as a marketer outline my personal tips for you from a marketing perspective.

How to operate your business during this crazy COVID-19 pandemic

In order to operate your business during this time when you must work from home, it is crucial you take everything online. Here are some tips to maintain your client flow and retention.

  • Invest or use free to paid software for conferencing. We love Go To Meeting and you can find the link here:
  • This is a great time to get your email list out and send your clients letters of comfort. Positive letters with motivational quotes will lift their spirits. And if the client is happy, chances are they will buy from you again in the near future after this pandemic is over. *Don’t have an email list, but want to build one right now? Restaurant owners especially will thrive from this one tip. Simply contact us so we can help you at
  • Finding extra time on your hands? Start your content marketing POA (plan of action). Social Media will not only keep you busy it will allow you to connect with the local community where you can build new relationships. Together you can support each other, and in doing so develop a cornerstone for possible future business.
  • Have a brick and mortar business that you need to take online? We will offer you free consultation, and make a landing page for you to start so you can be up and running quickly, efficiently, and beautifully. We will also help you get set up so your business can get cash-flow during this pandemic.
  • If you are a business that operates on a face-to-face business model, sending videos to your customer via text message, may be super simple, and will add a personal touch. Just remember not to spam your customers, they must already be on your list, and be opted in. Also no one wants to see anyone’s face (unless they are family and they live together) on a daily basis. Keep the interaction via text to once a week. Preferably on a Friday. To send texts and let your customers know they care, use my favorite provider:
  • **If you are itching to run your own podcast, I highly recommend one of my most admired podcasters/bloggers course. Pat single-handedly became a highly paid affiliate marketer/blogger/influencer when the term influencer marketing wasn’t even around yet. And now he runs an extremely successful podcast course that is affordable and effective. You can find it here:
  • Despite this crazy time, you should still be keeping up on your taxes. Know your information. If you are local in the SOCAL area and want to have up to date info on this, join our business facebook group: (we also discuss motivational quotes, and business strategies, as well as give free referrals and social media support~ some of us have already gotten free referrals)
  • If you are stir crazy and need something to sharpen your mental saw, how about some virtual video editing so that you can film your videos and edit them for Youtube? Please contact us for details if interested at Subject: Video Editing. **Of course, we will give you a huge deal to support your business.
  • Finally, here are some government help articles to help your business through this pandemic. The main thing is to stay safe and healthy. Nothing is more important than that. But in order to survive, we as businesses must keep going. Hence, here are some CDC recommended tips for your local business.

**All my link recommendations are based on my affiliate partnership with the respective companies. I love supporting other businesses and they support me back. The Facebook group is my own. The government link is simply that. Please share, and enjoy this blog, and I sincerely hope that it helps you run your business better through this pandemic.

-Marketing Girl Linda Jordan

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