Google Plus Local and Google Places

Google + Local is a new tool by Google which has replaced Google Places. The four main areas of Google+ are:
Google+ personal profile,Google+ business pages, Google+ local, and Google+ communities. Google + Local can be used by businesses to “hang out” in using a video and a chat area, and it can also be used to gain new customers.

According to Google, apparently 20% of online computer searches through Google are for local businesses, and 50% of local businesses are done through Mobile searches. Through Google + Local, we can increase a businesses’s visibility of their local search.

Google + Local pages will show up in the search results just as places had before – making them a great opportunity for local businesses to obtain excellent visibility.

If you are a small brick and mortar business, having a Google + local profile is excellent for enhancing your brand. Google + local quite simply put is a type of Facebook- great for networking and a merger of Places and Google Plus.

A well-optimized Google + Local page can benefit your digital marketing strategy immensely. Being Mobile means you are everywhere- thus you have the ability of converting more visitors into leads and clients. You can also outrank your competitors because Google + local is where it’s at. While you are getting customer reviews and networking, you are building your brand.

Also to note: The best part about local searches is that it converts! In other words, it results in purchases. In fact, statistics show that 61% of local searches result in purchases and 50% of iPhone and Android phone users use their device to find local businesses and their location. Sadly, 33% of small businesses are not taking advantage of this and do not have mobile optimized websites. *If this is you, please give us a call at 949-572-7041.

The first step in using Google + Local is to have a Google Plus Business page which is verified and ready to go. Then whatever gmail address you are using you can synch to this. Google may synch it for you automatically if there is nothing on your business page and lots of post updates on your gmail page as well.

Google + Local is soon to be the Next Big Thing. We will keep you updated on more information regarding this new Google product. Stay tuned and thank you for being our valued readers and clients.

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