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How to Choose the Best Web Design Company

By Linda Jordan

The best web design companies are the ones that offer fantastic branding and that create websites which convert.  They are the ones who make websites that make you want to purchase the product or service. Great branding tells a story of your company which separates you from your competitors. A great website will have fantastic branding within the design. So, let’s put our heads together and think about this. What makes us want to buy things? First impressions right? Ok, then what type of first impressions? Boring ones? Ugly ones? Broken ones? Hard to use ones? Over-priced ones? No,no,no! In fact, the exact opposite, correct? There is a psychology involved when we purchase that is driven by emotion and we are looking at these qualities when we are about to make a purchase: Fun, Beautiful, Functional, Simple to use, and Affordable. Thus, that is our answer. When your customers go to your website, they are looking for these exact qualities. Here is where we come in. We are an Orange County web design company that focuses on these qualities making great web design. For timelessly beautiful web design that sells Click Here.

Why a Mobile Friendly Design?

One thing that all web design has to be now is: mobile friendly or “responsive.” In fact, even the latest SEO (Search Engine Optimization) algorithm includes mobile friendly design as a must-do for good SEO. Mobile friendly simply means, you can see it on the mobile device you have: iphone, Samsung, ipad.. you get the point. Mobile friendly designs can start with a mobile friendly web design theme for those that are just starting their businesses and or would just like a low budget approach. Other mobile friendly designs can be beautifully custom coded designs that are “responsive” and that are also on the higher end of web design price-wise. Since businesses grow and gain more experience and sales as time goes on, a company’s web design evolves in the same way to match the growth. We are a local OC web design company that will help you with your web design evolution.

What Should Web Designs Do?

Web design also focuses on different factors based on the maturity of the company. For example, a brand new start-up should concentrate on building their brand. An informative, sleek web design will do just this, but I personally feel that all web designs should be treated as if they are ecommerce designs. By this I mean, all web design should focus on the ROI (Return on Investment) for the client. What good is a pretty web design that doesn’t sell anything? A great web design is functional, sells things, and is beautiful, and the final icing on the cake; drum roll please- it needs to be combined with good SEO. Actually all websites need to be teamed up with a good SEO plan. A great SEO package will support the client in the Web 3.0 sense; by providing the client with a SEO combined with Social Media to help the client achieve his goals. For expert Orange County SEO Click Here!

Six Factors to Look for in a Web Design

Ok, now that I have talked your ear off, do you recall I mentioned I have experienced Web Design Nirvana? Indeed, it happens when the web design has all the above six qualities I mentioned: Mobile friendly, Beautiful, Functional, Fun, User-friendly, and Priced Right. For an Orange County web design that does this, Click Here.
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