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If you are looking for a Facebook ads manager, look no further! Our team serves 200 companies getting them results on Facebook ads! With over 1.65 billion active users, Facebook has become the fastest growing social networking site. Although the network is meant for individuals within your social circle, it can serve a bigger role in marketing. Both SMBs (Small to Medium Sized Business Owners) and Enterprise business owners have used Facebook as a medium to reach targeted customers. In fact, there isn’t a legitimate brand today that doesn’t utilize Facebook for marketing. Get Affordable Facebook Ads with us Today, Contact Us!

Facebook advertising experts at work
Create Engagement with FB ads. This campaign had a total of 53 comments and 3 shares. Another ad we did for them had about the same, and now we are helping them become clients.

How FB Ad Management works

When you own a business, you will need to work on your social media either on your own or with help from a social media manager. A social media manager that has experience in doing Facebook ads can exponentially grow your business. In fact, an efficient Facebook ads manager will save you money in the long run by spending time testing your ad and making sure you get the best results. In order to start, the first step is creating a Facebook page if you don’t have one. While building the page, you would select the category your business belongs to. You would also be asked to fill in your address and targeted audience. When the creation of your page is complete, you have to move up to the next stage which is the creation of an advertisement to reach your targeted audience.

Facebook Ads: What you need to know

Creating a Facebook ad is not as easy as it sounds. Simply putting a photo, and some copy will not get desired results. The purpose of your ad is to generate leads, promote your website, promote your services, and ultimately makes sales. Setting up Facebook ads should not be taken lightly. An amateur Facebook advertiser can spend a lot of ad spend dollars without getting any results. Be sure to seek out our team comprised of professional ads managers to manage your Facebook ads.


Why Choose Move Up Marketing Group

Setting up an ad requires a psychological mastery within the ad copy as well as the image placement. Your Facebook Ad manager will set up a daily budget and make sure the proper objectives are chosen. With millions of Facebook ads out there, there is an urgent need to make your ad stand out. It has to capture the interest of a user and compel that user to click on your call to action. At Move Up Marketing Group we ensure an unprecedented level of precision targeting. We track your link clicks and give you a report based on Facebook analytics, and upon request will set up Google Analytics as an addition.

What are the benefits of our precision targeting?
  • Rapid page posts engagement

Move Up Marketing Group will create ads that increase your post engagement by boosting up Likes, Shares, video views and even comments. Our ad management boosts up page likes We create ads to build up your audience directly on your Facebook page. The more people that like your page, the larger audience you have.

  • Clicks to website

Move Up Marketing Group creates ads that direct people to your site, subsequently increasing your website page views.

  • Website conversions

Our ads compel specific actions for customers to take on your site. It could be a call to sign up, download, subscribe, contact, etc. The call to action depends on specific business types.

  • Increase mobile app engagements

Our ads are developed in such a way that you get more activity on your mobile app. We can also develop your mobile app to suit your specific business needs. Check our mobile app development page for more details.

Are you still contemplating? Stop thinking and start clicking! Allow Move Up Marketing Group to grow your business with our Facebook ad management services around Orange County and nationally. Call Today!


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