Corona Virus Prevention & How it’s Marketing Products

It is March 2020, and finally the Corona Virus Pandemic (COVID-19) has hit our neighborhood. It is not so much the virus itself, but the fear of it. After looking on the Web, it seems as though the best Corona Virus Prevention is Alcohol, Washing with Soap, Hand Sanitizer, Bleach, Lysol and Masks. But I being the “Google Queen,” after realizing products are now either out of stock or jacked up in price, decided to Google the matter and have possibly found a Treatment for the Corona Virus.

Corona Virus Treatment Maybe?

Now, I am a marketer, and as such, I love to research things. The one thing I have noticed is, as I googled Corona Virus treatment, nothing was listed. Corona Virus prevention yes, but no treatment. So I dug deeper. And then I found this article that sparked an interest in me. I found it while looking for why soap works against the Corona virus. Now I prefer that if you do look at the article, that you come back to me  (so bookmark this) because I am going to tell you what I think an effective Corona virus treatment is. Also I will have made a post on TikTok about this, so be sure to follow me there by hitting this: and following me there.

So, at this point I am sure you are like, but Linda, you still haven’t shared what you think an effective Corona Virus Treatment would be.

So here I go: Now after dissecting the article I read about soap, I went into it further; to study the science behind it. This statement within the aforementioned article spoke to me: “Soapy water is totally different. Soap contains fat-like substances known as amphiphiles, some of which are structurally very similar to the lipids in the virus membrane. The soap molecules “compete” with the lipids in the virus membrane. This is more or less how soap also removes normal dirt from the skin.”- Guardian

***Did you guys understand? I mean, based on this, they are saying the virus’s molecules are structurally very similar to the fats in soap & this is what combats the virus. So based on this idea, I Googled what type of fats are in soap, and found this: “Solid fats like coconut oil, palm oil, tallow (rendered beef fat), or lard (rendered pork fat), are used to form bars of soap that stay hard and resist dissolving in the water left in the soap dish.

Oils such as olive oil, soybean oil, or canola oil make softer soaps. Castile soap is any soap that is made primarily of olive oil, and is known for being mild and soft.

So based on the articles and knowledge above I put 2 and 2 together, and have a hypothesis for a treatment. If the Corona Virus “competes” and breaks down during exposure to fatty lipids, well then the treatment for it may very well be: edible oil tinctures. Now, I am not a Medical Professional nor a Scientist, so everything I say is not backed up, nor proven, and this is my disclaimer. I release myself of all liability with regards to this, and simply know that this is theory. But, based on this theory, my feeling is that by covering the skin in oils, both face and body, as well as by ingesting tinctures, this virus could be warded off.

Thus, after making this discovery. I decided to go on Amazon where I am an affiliate, and purchase products I found which I feel would help my family. So I am sharing this with you below, and the links I place here will give me a commission. But I have compiled what I feel would be helpful in Corona Virus Prevention, and guess what? It is still available, because I may be the only one who has found this thus far.

I suggest purchasing food-grade ingestable, edible oils for the purpose of using as a tincture. I am personally going to do this in the event any of us get sick. For now, I will be using the oils on the outside of my face and body as a prevention, the oils I chose I chose because they are said to not clog pores. Hence, I have included all that I bought below in the form of links. The pricing won’t change. Feel free to browse or buy, and let me know if it helped. I wrote this post to provide value to you.

Products I Chose for My Family, for the Skin

Being a homeopath junkie, I decided to purchase oils I am familiar with such as Tea Tree oil (ingestible, organic & therapeutic – according to Amazon) found here:

And I also love the smell and the blessings that come from using Lavender oil (also ingestible, organic & therapeutic) found here:

I heard Jojoba oil also is good for the skin without clogging pores, so I purchased that as well and you can find it here:

Finally, I purchased cute little roll-on containers so that my family members could carry one and use it much like hand sanitizer, and you can find that here:

There you have it! So if my theory based on the research I did above is correct, then this should work as effective Corona virus prevention as well.

Finally, what does this all have with marketing? Well, as supply decreases and demand goes up, the pricing spikes. Hopefully, we will all have a bit more rationality in our thinking, and we can all get some toilet paper soon (since none of the stores carry any).

-Marketing Girl Linda Jordan

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